Experience of Rupina

IT professional from India

What have you learned about yourself through meditation?

Sahaja Yoga Meditation is the only means through which I have identified myself.  With this meditation I can identify myself above all worldly things. I see myself as an enlightened candle which removes all the darkness from within me. I feel a subtle connection with the cosmic energy that makes me a universal being. By practicing this meditation, I have recognized my strengths. The biggest strength I have identified is to love others with no expectations whatsoever. This is the biggest gift to mankind one can get with this meditation.

What do you feel when you meditate?

Meditation leads me to complete bliss and peace within. All the thoughts that disturb me disappear slowly and I see myself in complete silence. My whole body relaxes, and I feel like a leaf floating on the surface of water which is completely surrendered to the waves and the wind for the direction.

What is the most important lesson you learned from Shri Mataji?

The power to surrender and let go is the biggest thing I have learnt from Shri Mataji. With this meditation I have learnt to let go things and be completely surrendered to the energy (kundalini) that created me. With this my life has changed completely. As and when worries try to dominate me, I sit in meditation and then let the kundalini energy to take over my worries and give me complete peace and problem solving thinking.

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