In the Moment

Klagenfurt | 20/07 | 19:00 | Gemeindezentrum St.Ruprecht

St.Pölten | 28/07 | 17:00 | Schreinergasse 3, 3100 St. Pölten

Horn | 29/07 | 18:00 | Der Horner Stadtsee

Wiener Neustadt | 31/07 | 18:30 | BORG Wiener Neustadt

Somewhere between work and studies, social life and relationships, latest tech trends and existential threats, we seem to have lost the connection to our deeper self. Endlessly swinging between one and the other, we rarely seem to have any spare attention for the soul, the more subtle part of our being.

Sometimes a little reminder goes a long way…

We invite you to embrace the present moment and together, embark on a remarkable experience where the ancient wisdom of meditation and the universal language of music intertwine, paving the way for a profound reconnection with the soul.

Concerts in Klagenfurt, St.Pölten, Horn and Wiener Neustadt.

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