April 2022

Experiene of Sander

Musician from Belgium What changes do you see in yourself through meditation? When I meditate I become more detached from any precarious situation, more open-hearted, I am able to return hostility with kindness and forgiveness. It gives patience and strength but most of all a wonderful state of inner peacefulness and joy engulfs me! What […]

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Experience of Rupina

IT professional from India What have you learned about yourself through meditation? Sahaja Yoga Meditation is the only means through which I have identified myself.  With this meditation I can identify myself above all worldly things. I see myself as an enlightened candle which removes all the darkness from within me. I feel a subtle

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Experience of Neelam

Social sciences student from the Netherlands Is it difficult to meditate for 10 minutes a day? When you start meditating it seems like a difficult task; meditating for 10 minutes each morning. Yet I immediately noticed that I could integrate it very naturally into my morning routine. Meditation gives me so much positivity through the

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Experience of Rafael

Music professor from Spain How did you experience your Self-realisation? Your kundalini awakening? I had three times my Self-realisation but never felt anything. Only about 18 months after my first attempt, while I was trekking in a snowed-covered Scottish landscape I had a very strong experience of blissfulness that lasted for 10 days. The strongest

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Experience of Janaki

Creative designer from the Netherlands Why were you interested in SY meditation? Meditation was a part of my life growing up. Though it wasn’t something that I pursued as a teenager. Later, when I was a university student, I noticed that I found it difficult to enjoy the present moment and only could say I

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